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Construction Accident

Construction Accident Attorney in New York Ny

Construction Accident

Injuries that are sustained by workers at construction sites are often very serious and can be life-altering for the injured party. When you’ve been injured in a construction site accident, you need expert legal advice that you can rely on to get you the recovery and compensation that you deserve. Navigating the complex world of workers’ compensation and personal injury law is not something that anyone should try to do alone, especially after a serious injury that needs time to heal. That’s why it is wise to hire a legal professional from the Law Offices of G. Oliver Koppell & Associates of New York. With over forty years of experience, we are dedicated to getting you all the compensation you need to recover properly from your injury and allow you to return to a life that is as normal as possible.

When Do You Need A Construction Accident Lawyer In New York?

There are many different ways in which a worker can be injured at a construction site. Construction sites are inherently dangerous places, with work areas located way above ground and a variety of tools and heavy equipment roaming around the work area that can be a danger to anyone on the work site. Some of the common types of construction accidents are:

  • Falls – Those who work on scaffolding that is set up to do jobs in high places may slip and fall, sustaining serious head or spinal injuries.
  • Electrocution – During the process of building construction, wiring is often installed, or electrical machinery or tools are often used. Because of this, accidents happen in which workers are electrocuted.
  • Working with welding equipment or with chemicals on the job may lead to burns.
  • Heat stroke – Heat stroke may occur when construction workers are working outside in hot weather and become dehydrated without taking adequate breaks.
  • Respiratory diseases – These may occur when a worker inhales dust from drilling, tunneling, or other construction activities.

Any of these injuries may lead to permanent illness, disability, or even death. Accidents often occur due to employer negligence and failure to comply with OSHA regulations.

Workers Compensation and Third-Party Claims

All states require that employers at construction sites provide workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical care for workers who are injured on the job. However, when a worker files a workers’ compensation claim, the amount of the claim may not be enough to cover all of the worker’s needs that are related to the injury sustained at a construction site.

It is sometimes possible to sue a third party in a compensation site related injury, because parties such as outside contractors or equipment manufacturers may be liable for factors that led to a worker’s injury. The state of New York also has Labor Law 240, which requires those who work at high elevations to have and utilize safety devices that are specified for use on a job site in this law. When an employer fails to provide these safety features, this is another source of negligence if an injury results from neglected safety standards.

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