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A caring and skilled attorney

Oliver Koppell represented me in a personal injury/medical malpractice case involving some unusual legal circumstances. Mr. Koppell and his team were continually looking out for my interests, even in parts of the case that I did not know about. He and his team kept me fully informed and involved me in any important decisions. Not only did he show skill, but he showed a great deal of caring, too. I felt that I could trust him 100% to look out for my case. The matter was resolved in my favor, with Mr. Koppell playing a very important part in ensuring that damages were fairly paid. I could not say enough good things about Mr. Koppell and his very able team.

Posted by Caroline

Oct 10, 2019


Very responsive person, his firm was able to settle before filing for law suit and I was happy with the outcome. Highly recommend to use his firm.

Posted by anonymous

May 31, 2019


Mr. Koppell took time to listen to me, I will be sending documents to his office for review. Hopefully he will be able to help me to appeal my case.

Posted by dorothy Parchment

Jan 17, 2017

Well Done

I retained Oliver Koppell and Lorraine Koppell in a medical malpractice case. They demonstrated competency in their practice and had a human touch that was admirable and effective. Both Lorraine and Oliver are superb lawyers, they (and their staff) were concerned for the well-being of my family and we received exceptional legal advice and received a successful resolution for our case. I recommend them highly to you.

Posted by anonymous

Oct 5, 2019


Mr. Koppell and his law team was great and very dedicated to my discrimination case. When all law firms turned me away, Mr. Koppell and his team fought hard to make sure my case was won. This law firm makes you feel confident and they are very attentive. Mr. Koppell is competent and reasonable confident. Mr. Koppell is far from delusional and understands what it takes to win a case. They are always available to assist you.. via by phone, email, or clients can set up a in person meeting. I highly recommend this law firm and I was greatly satisfied with the outcome.

Posted by jameion

Aug 22, 2018

Amazing lawyer

Mr. Koppell is an amazing outstanding lawyer. He help me with my fathers estate when no one could. What took my previous lawyer 10 years with no outcome Mr. Koppell did it in 3 years! I am very great full . I recommend him!

Posted by anonymous

Mar 16, 2019

Superb personal care, and we prevailed in our settlement!

I engaged Oliver Koppell and Lorraine Coyle Koppell in a medical malpractice case, and their advice was superb. I work as an investment banker, and I engage lawyers on a daily basis. So, I would say I'm a good judge of lawyers, and especially attuned to how they demonstrate competency in their practice. Both Lorraine and Oliver repeatedly went beyond the call of duty in representing me in my medical malpractice case. More than being superb lawyers, they (and their staff) were genuinely concerned for my well-being and exuded warmth and human caring in the process of my preparation to take my case to trial. I was continually impressed by the level of personal care and attentiveness to my case -- and to me personally -- for what I was going through. Best of all, through their negotiating skills, we never had to go to trial. I settled, and I received twice the amount I ever even imagined I would obtain in a settlement. They and their team come with my very highest recommendation.

Posted by John

Oct 4, 2019



Posted by Teresa

Oct 23, 2016

Amazing lawyers. Best experience would recommend to anyone!

This year has been a rough one for me with nursing school a 3 yr old and just stress! So dealing with a case on top of it all, honestly I was a bit anxious about but I must say My lawyer Oliver Koppell along with John Collorafi and Julian Brod were incredible. They were always so kind , knowledgable, helpful, always immediately responded and so encouraging throughout the entire process. I actually enjoyed getting phone calls from them throughout the year it would boost my confidence and brighten my day. They did top quality work and knew they would be a success...and were a success. I'm so grateful for what Oliver koppell and his associates did for me and would truly reccomend them to anyone in need of a lawyer! May God bless them for helping people and for the good work they do.

Posted by Danielle

Mar 22, 2016

Wonderful Lawyer!

Very caring and sympathetic to clients’ needs. Mr Koppell represented me in my mother’s Estate Probate. The outcome was what I was expecting. He not only took care of me, but did so for my children and my brother and nephews who live in another country. After I had to dismiss a previous lawyer, Mr. Koppell was able to effectively and timely address the issues and problems. Very satisfied with his service and the level of care. I highly recommend him!

Posted by Iris Z

Mar 14, 2019


All my respects, to Mr. Oliver Koppell and Mr. Dan Schreck, I must says they are red carpet attorneys so appreciative for the way they handle my case and worked with me. The time seem endless, but I am still conform with the outcome. I wish them all the best with all the future cases that come to their office.

Posted by Obdulia Noble

Sep 28, 2019

Effective, efficient, experienced

I was very pleased with my experience and the outcome. I had a complex legal matter that I needed advice and representation on where other attorneys could only apply one lens and were telling me I had a weak position. Attorney Koppell was able to apply his past experience as a former Attorney General to understand all the parts and how they fit together and put together a strong argument. He took a personal interest in not just the case but my wellbeing (that prolonging a process can be stressful) and I did not feel he was putting self interest or his agenda ahead of mine. I was able to stay clear about my goals and never felt pressured. My goal was a reasonable result. We achieved that. I had been referred by a “regular person”, a healthcare enrollment advisor, a Spanish-speaking woman of color, while I was sitting in Bellevue hospital lobby. She spoke highly of Attorney Koppell on how he represented her when she was not treated fairly. I have to agree with her. It is great to see someone with the experience and name recognition that Attorney Koppell has using that on behalf of the average person to get a fair result.

Posted by anonymous

Jul 26, 2019

Excellent Attorney

Oliver Koppell is an excellent attorney. He represented me in a complication real estate matter. Mr. Koppell and his Associates were kind, knowledgeable and helpful. The matter was settled to the satisfaction of ALL parties involved. I would highly recommend Oliver Koppell and Associates to anyone looking for an attorney.

Posted by Maureen

Jul 5, 2018

Fantastic lawyer

Mr. Koppel along with his associate Mr. Dan Schreck managed my medical malpractice case. I was very impressed with them. Their firm knowledge of medical terminology helped put me at ease. They were very compassionate and always kept me informed of what was happening and never made me feel like I was just a file in his caseload. Rather, they always showed extreme consideration, understanding, and flexibility and I knew they truly cared about.. . I'm very thankful for their dedication. I highly recommend Mr. Oliver Koppel

Posted by anonymous

May 3,2019

Excellent legal advice and a top notch negotiator

I hired Oliver about a year ago to help me through a legal claim that was open ended. There was no clear path to resolution until Oliver got involved and made the right inquiries and asked the right questions. Once the legal claim had been established Oliver expertly guided me through the process. Offering the pros and cons and what I could expect in a settlement. He was very hands on and available any time I had a question. During negotiations we stayed in constant touch and he delivered the result I was after. I could not have asked for a better attorney. I highly recommend Oliver and his firm.

Posted by Paul

Oct 4, 2019


Oliver Koppell and his Associates were there from the start to the end to ensure that a favorable judgement was obtained for my mother. They were diligent and unrelenting; and got the job done. It is without any hesitation that I recommend them.

Posted by Avi

Feb 22, 2017

Exceptional, Outstanding, Superb, there are no words are good enough to describe Koppell

I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair this attorney is. Mr. Koppell is selfless, he fights to fair and just, he fights for what is right. He spoke out for what he believed to be the truth, fair and honesty. Battle for me has not been easy, it has been an emotional, financial and physical challenge for me but Mr. Koppell and his team made sure to be there for me and make the journey smoother for me. He brought to us all compassion, support and confidence through very difficult dynamics in our life. We are very fortunate to have such a great firm representing us. Mr. Koppell is the one who really touched our life. We have and always will remember that he is The Best!!

Posted by anonymous

Feb 14, 2016

Exceptional lawyer and team

I used Oliver Koppell for a case and he was fantastic. His office was fast, responsive and answered all of my questions. He was extremely communicative and fought on my behalf going above and beyond what other lawyers I consulted would have done. I was nervous about this entire process, as I have never needed legal counsel before beyond a simple insurance claim issue, but he was a complete professional who was very sympathetic to my situation and even pushed me to demand more than what I wanted from the other party without resulting to litigation. He walked me through the entire process and instead of it taking years, it was solved within months. I wholeheartedly recommend him and if I require legal counsel that falls within his expertise I ever again I plan to return to him.

Posted by Ali

Jun 21, 2019

Extremely pleased.

Mr. Koppell and his associates were diligent and thorough in their handling of my difficult case. They spent five years working with me and every step of the way they were considerate and patient, Mr. Koppell always allowed me to voice my concerns and opinions, and the end result was quite satisfactory. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of an attorney that will give your case 100% of the attention it deserves.

Posted by Jeanine

Mar 23, 2017

Generous and great advice.

Mr. Koppell spent a long time with me on a Sunday to go over the details of a potential case and selflessly gave me valuable advice on several very complicated issues. He is a great attorney.

Posted by anonymous

Feb 24, 2016


G. Oliver Koppel has been my attorney since the early 1980’s. He first represented a tenant’s group, (which I chaired) vs the sponsor of an evict-plan co-op, which he settled in our favor by using a most ingenious strategy. Since then, he became my personal attorney and through the years served my legal interests with uncompromising integrity and dedication, always respecting my views and input. I have recommended attorney Koppel’s services to others, i.e. my mother’s AIDE in a personal injury case, and she reported back to me that he settled it to her financial benefit and satisfaction. He represented a friend of mine in a landlord/tenant dispute and succeeded in a court award in the precise amount asked for in the suit. His persuasive skills coupled with his legislative background and former service as Attorney General of New York State have resulted in a very innovative expertise when arguing in court or in pre-trial conferences vis a vis all adversaries. G. Oliver Koppell, as an attorney, combines that rare combination of expertise, experience and, above all, trustworthiness: a quality so lacking in today’s legislators and public service practitioners.

Posted by SONIA

Mar 15, 2016

Highly recommend

Mr Koppell has been in my family and I life for ten years and I would like to thank him for everything he has done for us. Trust me you would not be disappointed if you allow him to represent you.

Posted by anonymous

Jan 6, 2018

Review of G. Koppell’s Performanc

Mr. Koppell and his associates were diligent and thorough in their handling of our case. They were considerate and patient in working with us and they obtained satisfactory results in a what proved to be a difficult case.

Posted by Ron

Jan 2, 2016

Highly recommend

Oliver did a terrific job representing me. I felt he always listened to me. He answered all my questions and communicated thoroughly. I always felt I was in good hands. I would highly recommend him.

Posted by Cory

Dec 8, 2017

Lawyer for a lawyer

Mr. Koppel was excellent and promt in his response. Gave me correct information and was truthful which we dont see very often.

Posted by Linda

Aug 23, 2018

Highly Recommend!

I would highly recommend Mr. Koppell to anyone looking for an attorney who genuinely cares and understands you and the intricacies of your case. Mr. Koppell is brilliant and a consummate professional. I had a complex case, and he had the extensive knowledge and tools necessary to help me through a very difficult time. Not only is his legal acumen noteworthy, but his compassion and positive attitude went far beyond what anyone could expect from an attorney. He provided great advice and support whenever I reached out to him. He even worked on my case during nights and weekends. He constantly made himself available when I had any questions and he guided me through the process that would otherwise have been exhausting. Though Mr. Koppell has many clients, he provided individual attention and really made the whole process easy and manageable. I could not be more grateful for, and appreciative of, all that he did for me. I definitely recommend Mr. Koppell to everyone I know!

Posted by Kenny

Feb 20, 2018

Very Thorough

Oliver Koppell and his team of lawyers were professional, curious and very diligent in their fact finding throughout the entire process. The team worked very hard to win my case. Every question Oliver Koppell asked each side, was well researched, they exceeded my expectations.

Posted by anonymous

May 11, 2016

G. Oliver Koppell, Esq.

Oliver Koppel represented me in a complex case. He always conveyed clear descriptions of legal issues in a timely manner and explained what actions were necessary. His office is well run and the staff I dealt with were all helpful and communicative. In short, I strongly recommend the Office of Oliver Koppel to anyone needing legal services.

Posted by Joyce

Mar 16, 2019

Success in Personal Injury Suit

Oliver Koppell represented me in a personal injury case involving negligence - I fell down a greasy flight of stairs in a NYC restaurant and broke a leg. Everything about his style of representation was terrific and he won a generous settlement. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Teresa Kubiak

Feb 6, 2018

Highly Recommended!

I highly recommend Mr. Koppell and his legal team and cannot praise or thank them enough. Before coming to Mr. Koppell, I sought consultations from a few national and local law firms who turned me away because I had a difficult case. Mr. Koppell and his team were empathetic, diligent, and supportive. They maintained constant communication with me throughout the entire process and provided honest advice and assessments of realistic outcomes and risks. And when the other party became hostile, Mr. Koppell and his team remained steadfast and achieved an even better outcome than I expected! I can’t thank him and his team enough for everything that they’ve done to achieve a satisfactory outcome for me. Mr. Koppell and his team are definitely the people you want on your side!

Posted by anonymous

Feb 07,2019

Very professional very honest

Mr. Koppel took my case in January 2019 and he had it settled in July 2019 very professional very honest lawyer very friendly always returns your calls when you have a problem always keeps in touch with you his firm's really sticks up for people's gay rights I'm very impressed I would recommend him to my friends and my family is without a doubt

Posted by Nicholas

Aug 12, 2019

Very satisfied client

Mr. Koppell was most helpful and always professional. I guess I do what a lot of people do and "Google". After our initial phone consult and I got to meet Mr. Koppell, I had the gut feeling I'd be in good hands. Nice to learn my gut was right. Mr K exceeded on all fronts including the outcome.

Posted by Eugene

Aug 15, 2019

Very professional, highly experienced, time effective and will get the best possible result for you.

I would highly recommend Mr.G. Oliver Koppell and his associates. He provided excellent legal advise right from the initial consultation till the end of my case. His experience and professionalism closed my case in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Posted by Sashi R

Feb 13, 2019

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